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Deosai plains

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Attabad Lake

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Sheosar Lake

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Hussainabad Rocks Formation – Skardu

Detail travel info for Hussainabad Rock formation, SKARDU: It takes 10 min drive from Yadgar Chowk to Hussainabad. From there an off-road takes you to Hussainabad broq, 6 km upwards from the main road that u can easily see on google maps having multiple hair pins and steep ascending path. Better to take a jeep […]

5 months ago

For a good life on planet Earth

SOME SUGGESTIONS ABOUT ECOLOGICALLY SAFER AND FRIENDLIER TRAVEL.*** Dear Friends.Now we address a pointed and painful issue — that of #ecologicaldestruction of almost-pristine natural areas in the Himalayas, Indukush, Karakoram and Pamirs mountain ranges in the North of Pakistan. (Technically Pamirs are in Central Asia but let’s stretch mental borders for a minute….) Following are sone […]

6 months ago


مگرپیرآبشار، کنراچ بلوچستان – Mugar Pir Waterfalls, Kanrach, Baluchistan

طلسم خواب زلیخا و دام بردہ فروش  ہزار طرح کے قصے سفر میں ہوتے ہیں  30 مارچ گرمی سے بھرپور لیکن ایک نیا چمکتا دن،  کچھ نفیس لوگوں کے ہمراہ بلوچستان کا پروگرام بنا،جی ہاں وہی بلوچستان جو رقبے کے لحاظ سے پاکستان کا سب سے بڑا اور بدقسمتی سے سب سے زیادہ پسماندہ صوبہ […]

5 months ago

How Traveling Upgrades You As A Person!

Change of Perspective: They say traveling broadens your visions and opens up your mind. I agree with that. Traveling changed my perspective towards a lot of things including life, people, friendships and myself. I started looking at life from a different angle and with more colorful eyes. Things that use to matter a lot for […]

5 months ago

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