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Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley

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Sheosar Lake

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Asma Khawaja – Sialkot

I asked porter Pakistan to organise a short rock climbing trip in Islamabad. It was an all girls group, it was for my birthday. I have to say it was very last minute and they organised it within 24hrs. The rock climbing guides were very polite, respectful and very professional. The gear they were using […]

2 months ago

Waleed Sherwani – Karachi

So me and my 5 friends from karachi wanted to go Hunza in fall and we chose Porter Pakistan because we had heard that they provide more localized travel experience at lesser price. We left from Islamabad on a Honda BRV and did a 6 day trip, making stops at Besham, Chilas, Ghulmet, Duikar and […]

2 months ago


10 Spots to visit on your trip to Quetta

For decades, KPK, GB and Kashmir have remained the ideal travel destinations for the people of Pakistan. A lot of travelers say that it’s not great being in Karachi. They compare themselves with the people in the federal capital, for they have a closer base to the most scenic places of Pakistan. In this article, […]

2 months ago

Jeep Tracks near Astore Valley

جیپ ٹریک نمبر ون وادی استوررما لیکوادی ترشنگترشنگ گاؤںروپل گلئشئیرہرلکگوفر بیس کیمپدھارلے جی لیکدیوسائ شیوسر لیکبڑا پانیبیک ٹو استور ِبیک ٹو پنڈییہ سارے حصے بائے جیپ کر سکتے ہیں.اپنی گاڑی استور پر چھوڑیںجیپ کرائے پر لیں. جیپ میں پورے گھر کا سامان آ جاتا ھے.لیکن خیال رہے کہ جیپ کے پیچھے بارش سے بچاؤ کے لئیے […]

3 months ago

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