10 Spots to visit on your trip to Quetta

For decades, KPK, GB and Kashmir have remained the ideal travel destinations for the people of Pakistan. A lot of travelers say that it’s not great being in Karachi. They compare themselves with the people in the federal capital, for they have a closer base to the most scenic places of Pakistan. In this article, we’ll tell you why Quetta is the next big thing and a great escape destination for the people in the South.

Quetta is the capital city of province of Balochistan which is the 9th biggest metropolis of Pakistan also titled as the “Fruit production hub of Pakistan” because of massive plantation and productivity of fruits and dry fruits. Situated at the height of 1,654 m above sea level, it was named Quetta because of its meaning; “Fort”. Geographically Quetta lies at the mouth of the Bolan Pass and being the natural fort, it connects Pakistan with Afghanistan and Iran both commercially and socially. This city is surrounded by rigid, hard pastures and hills, all these Chiltan, Zarghoon, Takatoo and Mourdar hills share the toughness of this region.

Quetta is blessed with beautiful seasons all round year and there is a great chance to enjoy snowfall there during 3-4 months, mostly from December till March.

The total distance from Karachi to Quetta is approximately 689km (Via RCD highway N-25), this route includes various tolls. The basic modes of transport to reach Quetta are Coaches/Buses, train or via own transport. Some available local coaches/Buses options are:

  • Al Hikmat
  • AK Movers
  • JJ Movers
  • Al Saif.
  • Al Aziz
  • Al Noor
  • Sada Bahar
  • Al Yusuf

The usual travelling time from these transport options are 9-10 hours, depending upon the weather and traffic. The fares for these public transport services vary from 1200 to 1800 Rupees each side. One can further hire a local cab/Hiace to explore Quetta and go to Ziarat which is approximately 128km from Quetta.

Another way to reach Quetta from Karachi is via Train. Bolan Mail leaves at 18:00 (06:00 pm) and reaches Quetta at around 15:10 (03:10 pm). This train stops at 24 stations during the journey. Last updated seat/berth fares were AC Lower / Standard 2300 and Economy 850-950.

Following are the attractions around Quetta and Ziarat that you must visit on your trip to this beautiful piece of land.

1. Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake

Picture by Musa M Ali

2. Urak Valley

Urak Valley

Picture by Ali Raza M. Iqbal

3. Quetta Ziarat Road

Picture by Porter Pakistan

4. Pechi Dam - Ziarat

Pechi Dam - Ziarat

Picture by Porter Pakistan

5. Ziarat Juniper Forest

Ziarat Juniper Forest

Picture by Mayen Khan

6. Quaid's Residency - Ziarat

Quaid's Residency - Ziarat

Picture by Bakht Bedar

7. Pari Chashma - Harnai

Pari Chashma - Harnai

Picture by M Aslam Musaferzai

8. Mariabad - Quetta

Mariabad - Quetta

Picture by Sadat Sabori

9. Hazarganji Park - Quetta

Hazarganji Park - Quetta

Picture by Porter Pakistan

10. Pir Ghaib Waterfalls - Mach

Pir Ghaib Waterfalls - Mach

Picture by Vagabond

Well, it's certainly not a trip you should do in haste, as Quetta is much richer than people think it is. A lot of tour agencies are now offering 3 day trips in 12-13 thousand rupees. But if you self arrange it through Porter Pakistan, it costs no more than 7-8 thousand, which also saves you from group travel and gives you more freedom on your schedule.

If you want to visit this amazing piece of land at a much better price and with native touch, contact our team before the winter ends.