Hussainabad Rocks Formation & Skardu


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Detail travel info for Hussainabad Rock formation, Skardu: It takes 10 min drive from Yadgar Chowk to Hussainabad. From there an off-road takes you to Hussainabad broq, 6 km upwards from the main road that u can easily see on google maps having multiple hair pins and steep ascending path. Better to take a jeep Or 4×4 vehicle, 20 min.The road ends at a village at 3000m from where the hike starts.It has beautiful meadows.U can hire a porter from there.The trek to the rock from there was 3 hrs, according to locals.But me being slow took almost 4.5 hours. The Altimeter showed height of 3730m/ 11702ft. According to my knowledge/experience, i can say its moderately difficult. (60 degree ascent in >75% of the track, total ascent of 730m almost, still had snow in April, no single track) Descent took 2.5 hrs fr me, locals say its 1.5 hrs via some shortcuts. So take ample water n energy bars. And don't take shortcuts if not pro. And yes meadows get green in July.Pls don't take trash..there is still wild life thriving, and its lovely. We didn't throw a single wrapper neither did i saw any, and "I wish all of u want to and are able to see it clean just like that."Have fun Hiking!

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