Road Trip To Gwadar - Balochistan

Kund Malir, Ormara, Gwadar
Duration 1 Nights, 2 days | PKR 14,999 per Person
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Hey. what's your plan for this weekend? We are going to explore some of the best beaches in Balochistan. We will spend a night in Gwadar and experience the Baloch culture! You want to join.
Trip Highlights:
1. Virgin Beaches.
2. Kund Malir Beach.
3. Golden Beach.
4. Ormara Beach.
5. Taak Beach
6. Hidden Beach of Gwadar
7. Serenity of Makran Coastal Highway
8. Trekking
9. Sunset from Hammerhead
10. Spinix
11. Buzzi Pass (Top point)
12. Princess of Hope
13. Gwadar Stadium

All Members Must Keep their CNICs, Behave Ethically with other Members & Staff, Should Follow a Decent Dress Code, Shouldn't Bring Any Personal Weapons on the Trip, and Must Not be Under the Influence of Any Drugs or Alcohol.
Porter Pakistan agrees to Provide "AC Transportation/Jeeps (Hiace, Buses or Coasters & Jeeps where Required), Standard Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Hotel Rooms on Sharing Basis (As Applicable) & Services of a Tour Guide" for the said tour as per the given itinerary.
The minimum strength required to operate any Group Tour is 12. Shall the minimum strength not be met by the registration deadline, Porter Pakistan reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule the event for the next suitable day or time. In such a case, Porter Pakistan shall refund the fee paid by respective members.
Porter Pakistan makes all efforts to ensure the serviceability of its vehicles and carefully takes weather forecasts as well as all other factors into consideration before committing to any event or operations however in case of unforeseen circumstances like technical issues, unexpected weather situations, natural disasters/calamities, political developments or any other unexpected situations that may prevent the operations and are beyond human control, Porter Pakistan shall reschedule the event/operations for next suitable day (or time).
Refund Policy
If for any reason, Porter Pakistan cancels the event, the client may request a refund of the paid amount or request to reschedule the event for another suitable day or time. If the event is delayed or canceled due to force majeure, Porter Pakistan shall reschedule the event after mutual consultation with the client. The client may request a refund before Porter Pakistan starts making arrangements for the event (which is usually 15 days prior) however after the Porter Pakistan has started making the arrangements and paid its vendors, no refunds shall be made. If an event is canceled from the client's end, the following cancellation charges shall apply:
No refunds shall be made in case a member leaves the trip during the event.
No refunds shall be made in case of a natural disaster or any unforeseen circumstance beyond human control including but not limited to rains, storms, land sliding, accident, flat tires, engine failure, or other vehicle malfunction e,t,c.
Porter Pakistan is not responsible for personal injuries and accidents.
Porter Pakistan is not responsible for the loss of any kind of valuable item.
Porter Pakistan can cancel the booking at any time.
Porter Pakistan can change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
Important: The trip is not suitable for people who are not traveling enthusiasts. The participants would have to adjust to the situations of the trip accordingly.

Package Includes:*
- All transport to/from Karachi- Gwadar
- Stay in a good hotel on Quad sharing basis for 1 night (2 beds 2 Mattress)
- All meals
- Expenses of guides during the trip
- Tour Operator
- Fuel
- Toll

Note: Finding quality food in Baluchistan is near to Impossible but we try our best to provide the best meals to the group members.

*Day 01 Friday*
11:30 pm: Departure from Karachi
*Day 02: Saturday*
01:30 am Stop at winder for around 20 minutes
04:00 am Arrival at Kund Malir Beach
05:30 am Breakfast at Kund Malir
06:00 am Sunrise at Kund Malir Beach
06:30 am Visit Golden Beach
07:00 am Visit Shinix beach
07:30 am Short trekking and hiking Princess of Hope
08:00 am Short Stay at Buzzi top
09:45 am Departure for Ormara
01:00 pm Pasni and Gwadar interchange
01:30 pm Check-in Gwadar tourist Motel & lunch
Visit Gwadar Marine Driver
Visit Gwadar Stadium
Visit Mini Port and Fishery
Visit Gul Point Beach
Sunset from the Deewan-e-Jah

07:30 pm Get settled in the hotel
08:30 pm Dinner
09:30 pm Bonfire, Music, Chai to relax
*Day 03: Sunday*
05:30 am Time to see the beautiful sunrise at Gwadar Beach
06:30 am Breakfast
07:00 am Sightseeing of Gwadar from the Koh-e-Batil via stairs
08:30 am Sightseeing at Coastal beach
09:00 am Back to hotel | Pack your bags | get ready for the return journey
09:30 am Gwadar Market visit
10:00 am Departure from Gwadar
02:00 pm Stop at Ormara Beach
02:30 pm Lunch at Hotel Ormara Beach
02:30 pm Departure from Ormara
04:00 pm 20 minutes stay at Buzzi Pass
05:00 pm 15 minutes stay on Makran Coastal highway to see the magnificent view of the Beach
09:00 pm Stop at McDonald

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PKR 14,999
per Person


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