Off-Roading & Camping | Moola Chotuk

Moola Chotok
Duration 1 Nights, 2 days | PKR 15,000 per Person
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* The trip is not suitable for people who are not traveling enthusiasts. The participants would have to adjust to the situations of the trip accordingly as this is an adventure camping trip to a remote location where the availability of fine washroom and shower is not available.
Price: 15,000/- per head.

2 days & 1 nights, starting Friday night

Package Includes - What to look for when booking:
✓ AC Transport Karachi to Khuzdar (Disinfected and Sanitized A grade Toyota Hiace, Coasters or Yutong luxury buses - local coaches are not used to avoiding discomfort.)
✓ Meals mentioned in the detailed plan (Our menu for the trip is designed according to the nature of the trip.)
✓ Services of a tour manager. (Well educated, informed, and experienced tour guides - our managers are trained to have an objective & professional approach)
✓ Camping (High-quality disinfected camps for a comfortable yet adventurous stay with sleeping bags)
✓ 4×4 Jeeps (Non AC) from Khuzdar (Off-Roading)
✓ Campsite charges and fees. (No hidden charges or surprises on
the trip)
✓ Basic First Aid Kit. (Proper first aid kit is kept & nearest hospitals are pre-known in case of an unforeseen emergency)

tailed Plan:
Day 00: Friday.
10:00 PM: Departure from Karachi.
11:45 PM: Tea & restroom break at Winder, a small town in Baluchistan
Day 01: Saturday.
06:30 AM: Arrival at Khuzdar.
07:00 AM: Breakfast at Khuzdar.
08:00 AM: Departure for Moola Chutok waterfalls.
01:00 PM: Arrival at Moola Chutok Campsite.
01:30 PM: Lunch Visit of water streams, waterfalls, and natural freshwater ponds.
07:30 PM: Arrival back at Campsite Setting up campsite
09:30 PM: Dinner at Camp Site.
10:00 PM: Barbecue, Bonfire & Music. Overnight Stay in Camps.
Day 02: Sunday.
05:00 AM: Departure for Khuzdar.
08:00 AM: Breakfast at Khuzdar
02:00 PM: Lunch at Windr.
03:30 PM: Departure for Karachi.
05:30 PM: Arrival Back in Karachi, subject to traffic conditions.
Note: A few hours deviation in the basic itinerary due to uncontrollable factors is normal.

- Behave like you are traveling with your own family. Respect locals.
- 0% tolerance for polluting the local environment.
- You have to carry your own bags and set up your own camp.
- Members shall not be indulged in any act reflecting moral or character failing during the activities.
- Verbal orders of team leader will be strictly followed

Join us for the experience of a lifeTime, with Unlimited off-roading and Musical Camping Night that will leave you spell bound!

Terms and Conditions:
• The minimum number to carry out a trip is 12, in case a trip is called off by Rover Pakistan due to low registration the members who have paid will be entitled to a 100% refund or transfer amount to the next trip.
• Every member must keep his/her CNIC.
• Members should report 30 mins before departure time.
• Member must behave ethically with his/her fellow group members, otherwise, Porter Pakistan can cancel his/her trip at any time.
• Porter Pakistan is not responsible for personal injuries and accidents.
• Porter Pakistan is not responsible for the loss of any kind of valuable item.
• Camps are distributed on a 3-4 person sharing basis, if you're not comfortable with that arrangement you can opt for a 2 person sharing Camp for an extra charge of 2,500/-
• Off-Roading is done in Double cabin vehicles with each member taking turns with mutual understanding for sitting outside of the vehicle to enjoy a complete offroading experience - If you're not comfortable with this arrangement, discuss with our travel consultant before signing up.
• No refunds shall be made in case a member leaves the trip during the event.
• No refunds shall be made in case of a natural disaster or any unforeseen circumstance beyond human control including but not limited to rains, storms, land sliding, accident, flat tires, engine failure or other vehicle mal-function e.t.c.
• Porter Pakistan can cancel the booking at any time.
• Porter Pakistan can change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
• Personal weapons/drugs are strictly prohibited.

Refund Policy:
- 50% Refund if Cancellation 7 Days Before the Event
- 30% Refund if Cancellation 5 Days Before the Event
- 0% Refund if Cancellation Less than 5 Days Before Event
- A minimum number of 12 people is required to execute a trip

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PKR 15,000
per Person


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