Waleed Sherwani – Karachi

So me and my 5 friends from karachi wanted to go Hunza in fall and we chose Porter Pakistan because we had heard that they provide more localized travel experience at lesser price. We left from Islamabad on a Honda BRV and did a 6 day trip, making stops at Besham, Chilas, Ghulmet, Duikar and Khyber (Passu). Everywhere we stayed, her jaga ghar wala mahol mila. Everyone treated us like guests. Even the food tasted like home made. All the places suggested by them were great. We even camped one night at Duikar and our camp owner Ali happened to be a great host. We didnt get a local driver which is why some challenges were faced in transportation, they can improve that part. But the prices quoted were accurate and we had a great trip overall. Highly recommended for enriched experience of traveling at really lower price.