Summer Haze ?


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Summer haze is not a usual thing you’ll notice as it’s bound to winters but in a deep forest you can see light and breeze within woods which creates a haze play. Lose yourself to the vapors of grass heat, those tiny particles of sun rays, rustling of leafs and a particular smell of woods will never let you go. A walk with someone you love will definitely be a walk to remember and if you are fond of solitude like me then go ahead, lift your face high towards the trees and touch your palm to their logs. Feeling that rough surface against your soft palm will tell you to come back. Kumrat valley is located in upper dir, KPK, Pakistan. This valley can be your spirit’s best friend. It offers you to be lost in its deep forests and would make you longing to live here forever. June 2019, it was my first visit here and it made me desire to have a wooden hut at the brick of nowhere to see the summer’s haze play.

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Samreen Zahra

Samreen Zahra