20 spots in Hunza that you should visit

Ever wonder what makes Hunza so special that people visit it once and never stop talking about how beautiful it is? Well, some places are magical enough to leave an impact on your entire travel fantasy.

Ask us what we think makes Hunza different from the rest of our country, we’ll say right off the bat, the people. Some people find the weather more favorable. Hunza is not as cold as KP, the landscapes here are far too different. It’s less green, but it’s surrounded with gigantic mountains. There are hardly any forests and hence, lesser rainfall. But what brings a whole different vibe the moment you enter Gilgit Baltistan, the civilized culture.

Hunza has a whole different set of people. The famous literacy, a more open minded majority, a lair of goodness. Almost all of northern Pakistan is loaded with friendly and welcoming faces, Hunza is no different. But on top of that, the people here understand a tourist’s needs even better. The sense of freedom that you feel here is unmatched. The cultural richness is over whelming. Food, found no where else in the country. Art and culture, unique by all means. Peace and harmony, spread through music. People in Hunza understand how to respect a person’s privacy. They are rich in values and set high standards in terms of mutual respect and religious freedom, Tourist spots in Gilgit Baltistan,

The beauty of this magical piece of land is beyond words, here’s a list and pictures of 20 spots that you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Hunza, Places to see in hunza & available tourist spots in hunza.

In the order of places located from South to North:

1. Karakoram Highway - 8th Wonder Of The World

2. Nanga Parbat View Point - KKH

3. Coinciding Point of Karakoram, Himalaya & Hindukush

Picture coutesy: Hamza Razzaq

4. Naltar Valley

Picture courtesy: Syed Waseem Haider

5. Rakaposhi View Point - Ghulmet

6. Minapin

Picture courtesy: Nasir Hussain

7. Altit & Baltit Forts - Karimabad

8. Duikar - The View Point Of Lady Finger Peak

9. Nagar Valley

Picture courtesy: Asmar Hussain

10. Attabad Tunnel

11. Attabad Lake

12. Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Picture courtesy: Kanza Abid

13. Borith Lake

14. Passu Cones

15. Passu Lake and Glacier

16. Batura Lake

17. Ghalapan Apricot Gardens

18. Sost - The Northern Most City Of Pakistan

Picture courtesy: Aslam Musaferzai

19. Misgar Valley - The Northern Most Village Of Pakistan

Picture courtesy: Hamza Tahir

20. Khunjerab National Park - The Home Of Yaks & Ibex

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